A Strong, Aggressive Defense Team Protecting Your Family When Faced With Drug Charges

At Morton & Germany, PLLC, we know firsthand that all too often drug charges involve juveniles or young adults who are good people who made a poor decision. As criminal defense attorneys, we look to find positive ways to help our clients and their families — particularly juveniles, young adults, and their parents or guardians — address legal issues while taking meaningful steps to protect their future employment and educational opportunities.

Helping You Make Sense Of Drug Charges In Memphis, Tennessee

For those facing charges for the illegal possession or distribution of marijuana, cocaine or prescription drugs — even for relatively small amounts — the resulting legal consequences can have a significant impact on a person's personal and professional life for years to come. Our attorneys have handled drug cases in state and federal courts, and understand the importance of acting quickly to build a strong defense. Our approach often includes two key aspects: helping clients intelligently address the criminal charges by vetting evidence and procedure on the part of the authorities, all the while pursuing options for a treatment or diversion program in lieu of jail or other harsh penalties.

When it comes to marijuana and other illegal drugs, some common charges include:

  • Possession
  • Sale
  • Delivery

As litigation attorneys, we know what it means to build a defense strategy from the ground up. When we take your case, we see that you are treated respectfully, keep you informed so you fully understand your rights and how to assert them, and begin to gather and vet evidence regarding the facts and the actions taken by the authorities. Our reputation for tireless preparation is an asset when negotiating plea agreements with the prosecution or when connecting with judges and juries.

Our Focus Is Our Client's Future When Building A Drug Crime Defense Strategy

Ultimately, our first priority is defending your rights while achieving the best possible outcome in your case. By focusing on opportunities for a positive result, we can often help clients avoid the serious penalties and turn a corner in their lives. We will explain various options of the Memphis drug courts.

If you or a loved one is being investigated, or has been arrested for the possession, sale or distribution of marijuana or other illegal drugs in Shelby County, contact our criminal defense lawyers at Morton & Germany, PLLC, at 901-522-0050 or send us an email for a prompt response from our staff. Se habla español.