Protecting Our Clients' Rights And Reputations In Charges Involving White Collar Crimes

Differing from drug offenses, violent crimes or other criminal charges, white collar crimes present unique challenges to the accused and their representatives. Often involving complex paper trails, email and other correspondence, phone records and other sources of evidence, defense attorneys must possess the resources, knowledge and experience to sift through this information and build a strategy that protects the personal, professional and legal interests of their clients.

The Legal Experience And Technological Resources To Stand Up To Accusations Of Fraud, Bribery And Other White Collar Crimes

At Morton & Germany, PLLC, we understand the significant impact criminal charges can have on an executive, corporation, public official, or any other individual or organization accused of fraud, embezzlement or other white collar offenses. With our years of experience and understanding of the law and contemporary business environment, we can develop creative strategies whether you or your business is under investigation or already facing charges.

Often in reference to financial crimes, some common white collar offenses we handle at Morton & Germany, PLLC, include:

  • Fraud charges, including mail, wire, health care, insurance, bank, tax, securities or mortgage fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • ID theft
  • Copyright, trademark infringement or other intellectual property violations
  • Computer crimes
  • Bribery
  • Stock manipulation

Whether you are a licensed professional with your own practice or have been accused of misleading or stealing from the government, our team of lawyers can step in and ensure that your rights are being upheld. We will advise you on how to proceed if you are under investigation, assess evidence and immediately begin building a defense on your behalf.

We understand the delicate nature of these cases as a business's or individual's reputation may be at stake. By working diligently to protect our client's privacy, we can mitigate exposure while working to quietly resolve the matter at hand.

White Collar Defense Strategists Who Think Outside The Box

If you suspect you or your business is under investigation from state or federal authorities, contact our defense team at Morton & Germany, PLLC. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, we represent clients throughout the state as well as those located in Arkansas and Mississippi. Call 901-522-0050 or complete our online contact form. Se habla español.