Securing Just Compensation On Behalf Of Accident Victims In Premises Liability Claims

At Morton & Germany, PLLC, when we say we handle serious personal injury claims, we mean it. When it comes to premises liability matters, we have successfully represented plaintiffs who have suffered severe, life-altering injuries due to the negligence of property owners and other responsible parties.

What Is A Serious Premises Liability Claim?

When people hear "premises liability," most think of a slip-and-fall accident on a wet floor. However, there are numerous other types of premises liability incidents involving negligent security or maintenance that can cause severe injuries to innocent patrons, residents and passersby. If property owners or those responsible for maintaining the property willfully neglect their duties to provide a reasonably safe environment, a premises liability lawsuit may result.

Premises liability accidents don't just happen in shopping malls or on slippery sidewalks; they happen in apartment complexes and rental properties, in Section 8 housing complexes, nightclubs and bars, motels and hotels, and numerous other locales. Unfortunately, those who suffer injuries in these types of cases don't realize that they have the opportunity to pursue a claim. That is why it is so important to work with an experienced lawyer who can review the incident and the extent of any injuries and determine if there is a viable case.

At Morton & Germany, PLLC, we have seen firsthand the hazardous living conditions many people in Memphis are subjected to. Dangerous wiring, shoddy construction, a lack of security and other examples of neglect are routinely ignored by property owners and can result in injuries to residents. As attorneys and members of the community, we want to help our clients take legal action that makes a difference.

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